How to use the Steering Head Locknut Tool
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Step 8 Check to see if the steering loose by holding the front fork legs and trying to move them back and forth. If any movement is felt, the steering head bearings and races need R&R.



Step 9 Remove front wheel and move the two dangling brake calipers out of the way. In the picture they are hung from frame sliders using cable-ties so that excessive force is not applied to the delicate bajo bolts.

Step 10 Remove both fork legs by loosening upper and lower triple clamp bolts. Fork tubes will slide downwards.  

  Step 11 Unscrew the steering stem head nut and washer using a 36 mm socket and remove upper triple clamp. Removal of ignition switch is not necessary. Set the triple clamp aside.
Step 12 Remove the upper steering head locknut using the komoto tool.  


Step 13 Remove the steering head washer that is between the upper and the lower steering head locknuts.

Step 14 Remove the lower steering head locknut using the komoto tool. The lower triple clamp will slide down; gentle strikes using a rubber hammer to the steering stem may be necessary.

WARNING: Do not use a metal hammer to strike the steering stem. It is made of pliable aluminum. Also, threads will certainly be damaged, thus requiring costly replacement.



Step 15 Remove and replace (if necessary) dust cover, two steering head bearings, and two steering head inner races. Thoroughly clean old grease from components that will not be replaced.

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